To enable women to experience a life, full of purpose,which is founded on God.


Go Winn was founded to be an encouragement to women who are excited, motivated,and have a purpose to fulfill. It's a networking organization empowering women to meet others with like passion and shared vision. Our goal is to provide an avenue of support and social interaction which is accomplished through meetings and special events to bring us together to sharpen our gifts and talents and perfect the God-given calling that's in each of us.


The primary purpose of the meetings are to provide and environment and encouragement that comes from close and meaningful friendships. Building bridges and networking women with the same visions and goals.


The purpose should be to cultivate relationships with each other. We all need peer relationships with sisters to build self esteem and encouragement.


Equipping women with tools they need to be successful in all areas of their lives. Bringing in professional speakers, and those who have the knowledge and resources to share how to... Get Equipped! Get Prepared! Get Ready! to Go Winn! in life.


Drawing from the diversity of backgrounds sand experiences represented helps us gain a more balanced perspective on our ministries and what God is doing.